Changdeokgung Palace, Secret Garden and a view from Building 63

Changdeokgung Palace is one of the 5 Palaces in Seoul and was loved more than any other place by the Kings of the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910) because of the spacious and beautiful gardens. The Secret Garden is the highlight of the visit as it was not only a lush garden to enjoy nature but also a venue for various outdoor activities. One of the more popular Kings we were told by the guide, loved to fish in the garden’s ponds and invited commoners to join him. The Secret Garden takes up to 60% of the entire area of the Palace. Be prepared for some step-up-step down climbing in this hilly garden.

In the afternoon we visited the adjacent Jongon-Gu area with lots of nice little stores and characteristic Hanok traditional houses.

To get a nice view in the evening we went to Building 63. With 63 floors measuring a height of 264m, the 63 Building is Korea’s tallest and most recognized building. The 63 Building boasts spectacular views of the Hangang River and the surrounding mountains of Bugaksan Namsan and Gwanaksan.