Tokyo Station, Imperial Palace, Diet (parliament)

One of Tokyo’s busiest train station and metro hubs, the completely refurbished Tokyo Station, looks fabulous. Imperial Palace we could only see from outside, this landmark in Tokyo, surrounded by government buildings and a short walk away from the Diet, Japan’s Upper and Lower House Parliament.         ...

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Meiji-jingu, Tokyo’s most famous Shinto shrine

Right in the middle of Tokyo, Meiji Jingu (Meiji Shrine), near Harajuku Station, is a Shinto shrine dedicated to the deified souls of Emperor Meiji (d.1912) and Empress Shoken (d.1914). Experienced a local marriage ceremony with beautiful kimono and men’s formal dress.      

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First Day in Seoul

Starting at the Ritz Carlton in Gangnam. Going for the luxury travel.  You know about Gangnam Style, right?” asked the senior South Korean Google exec, when I found myself in Seoul two weeks ago – her first question. But, while the huge viral success of Psy’s hit has created a...

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Ritz Carlton, Traditional Luxury in Gangnam

I stayed for quite a long time in the Ritz Carlton Jakarta for an EU funded technical assistance program. Four Seasons for long was my favorite after an unforgettable stay in one of the oldest FS hotels (Beverly Hills, Los Angeles US) in Hong Kong where FS at the time...

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Tallest apartment in the World

432 Park Avenue was in 2014 the tallest apartment building in the world. A wopping 93 million US$ for the most expensive penthouse in the building. But then again you get a lodging designed by architect Rafael Viñoly.  

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Hidden Tokyo

After a tour of Tsukiji fish market you want sushi for breakfast. Queue at Sushi Dai or Daiwazushi but you’re better of searching for the 150 year old Sushi Bun. Tried the butter-soft conger eel.  

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The home should be the treasure chest of living.

Le Corbusier